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What are the Criteria for Performance Excellence?
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Organizational Fitness Check-Up

One of the keys to business success is ensuring the organization has the processes and capabilities required to successfully execute the chosen strategy. To assess organizational "fitness" for a specific strategy, Kilbride offers a diagnostic assessment that serves as a "check-up" of your organization's approaches relative to the Criteria for Performance Excellence. The Criteria Quick Checks described here are just one of the approaches used by Kilbride to conduct this type of check-up to ensure your organization's fitness for execution of strategy.

Criteria Quick Checks

Criteria Quick Checks are brief (26 questions) web-based, self-assessment surveys, which can be used to:

  • Learn about the major requirements of the Criteria,
  • Evaluate your organization's fitness for execution of its chosen strategy,
  • Complete a criteria-based self-assessment of your organization's processes and performance, and
  • Receive objective, customized feedback based upon your completed Quick Check.

The following Quick Checks are currently available. All are based upon the 2003 Criteria for Performance Excellence.


Health Care



Any visitor to this site can use a Quick Check to enhance your understanding of Criteria requirements, the evaluation process, and the stages in the journey to excellence. For those who wish to use this Quick Check for organizational self-assessment, you can contract with Kilbride to prepare a customized feedback report of Strengths and Areas for Improvement relative to the key requirements of the Criteria for Performance Excellence. To learn more about this service, contact before/after you submit your Quick Check.

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What are the Criteria for Performance Excellence?

For more than a decade, the Criteria for Performance Excellence have been used by thousands of organizations to assess and improve their performance relative to the critical factors that drive success. The Criteria are now widely recognized as the standard for performance excellence, both domestically and internationally. Some 40 states, plus Europe, Canada, Singapore, Australia, etc., now operate Award processes based upon the Baldrige Criteria, which:

  • Embody the key elements for superior performance as demonstrated by world-class companies.
  • Prescribe what systems an organization needs to be successful, but do not prescribe how these systems should be designed, allowing customized solutions to your organization's unique challenges.
  • Address the needs and expectations of all key stakeholders, including customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, and key communities.
  • Are comprehensive, addressing all aspects of a company-wide management system, and emphasizing the alignment of management practices and systems with one another and the organization's business strategies.
  • Allow you to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement, and help you align resources to focus improvement efforts on achieving key company goals.

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What is the Lincoln Award for Excellence?

Kilbride has served as a volunteer senior examiner for Illinois' Lincoln Award for Excellence since this Baldrige-based award program began in 1995. He is now a member of the Lincoln Foundation's Panel of Judges.
In his consulting with clients, and as a volunteer and advocate for the Lincoln Foundation, Joe encourages organizations of all types and sizes to utilize the Lincoln Award program to:

  • receive objective feedback on strengths and areas for improvement to continue their improvement journey, and
  • be recognized for progress already made.

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What Criteria-focused consulting services does Kilbride offer?

For those organizations who wish to use the Criteria as a framework for organizational improvement, Kilbride offers a number of services, including:

  • Leading a 3-day workshop during which your leadership team completes a Criteria-based self-assessment to evaluate organizational fitness for execution of the chosen strategy, clarifies priorities, and develops improvement plans.
  • Working with your leadership team to design and implement Criteria-based systems for management and improvement of organizational performance.
  • Providing a customized feedback report of your organization's Strengths and Areas for Improvement based upon your self-assessment using the Quick Check
  • Assisting in the preparation of award applications.
  • Through interviews and observation, conducting an independent, criteria-based evaluation of your organization, and providing feedback on its approaches, deployment, and results.
  • Conducting "Champions for Performance Excellence" workshops for those individuals who need the equivalent of Baldrige examiner training.

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